Langkawi Tourist Attractions

Travelers that arrive at Langkawi International Airport are in for a treat, as they will find many wonderful places to visit and things to do.

Most of the great attractions on the island of Langkawi are located within the main island while a few are located offshore on the small islands scattered around the main island. Below you will find inspiration for some memorable, fun, interesting and entertaining tours you can enjoy together with your travel companion(s).

Langkawi: Mangrove Kilim UNESCO Geopark & Cave Tour

On this half-day boat tour along the Kilim River, you will be both thrilled, excited and amazed. The Langkawi: Mangrove Kilim UNESCO Geopark & Cave Tour let you experience incredible meetings with wildlife including stingrays and eagles. You will also be able to see some of the incredible limestone rock formations.

The tour starts from your hotel where a local driver will pick you up and transport you to the jetty. Here you will board a boat and sail through the twists and turns of the Kilim River. You will have to navigate through the maze created by aerial roots and thick fleshy leaves of the mangrove trees. Look out for the different animals that live in this carefully balanced ecosystem, which is responsible for the health and wide variety of species in the Andaman Sea.

Your first stop will be in the middle of the river where your captain will stop the engine and throw some chicken pieces into the water to invite the eagles. This will be an incredible sight. Following you will continue to explore grand limestone rock formations and sea stacks that rise from the ocean. Then you will go to discover the bat caves and visit a floating fish farm in a secluded cove surrounded by high vertical limestone and granite cliffs.
You will also be offered to hand-feed the rays! Just how surprised will you be by the many other sea creatures?

Then the boat will make its way back to the jetty and the driver will take you back to your starting point.

Langkawi: Skycab 4-In-1 E-tickets

With Skycab 4-In-1 E-tickets you can experience the one and only cable car in Langkawi. From here, you can appreciate breathtaking panoramic views of the rainforest and surrounding islands. If you choose to upgrade to the Glass Door or VIP Gondola you will also be allowed to enjoy a variety of meal options from the Skybistro.

Your tour will start at the Base Station, which is located in the foothill of the Machincang Mountain. Then you will climb up the slopes in a comfortable cable car while enjoying magnificent flora and fauna that surrounds the area.

Once you are at the intermediate cable car station on the eastern ridges, you can admire the unbelievable 360-degree views over the eastern cliffs and the three vertical chimneys. The trip from the Base Station to Middle Station will cover 1,700 meters in distance.

The Middle Station sits at an elevated position at 650 m above sea level. From here, you can walk up to the viewing platforms and appreciate the panoramic view of the main island. Then you can proceed to the Top Station where you will find two more viewing platforms. With the upgraded Glass Door or the private VIP Gondola ticket, you can take advantage of a variety of meal options from the Skybistro at the Top Station.

The tickets will also give you access to a variety of attractions including Skydome, SkyRex & 3D Arts Langkawi.

Langkawi: Geopark Eco Zipline Adventure

With a ticket to the Langkawi: Geopark Eco Zipline Adventure you will get elevated views of the oldest rainforest in the world on a 1 or 2-hour zip line adventure. This will be from above the treetops of Malaysia's only UNESCO Geopark in Langkawi. You will even get to fly over the famous 7 Wells Waterfall.

Before you reach the highs, you will be welcomed with a special lemongrass drink. Then, you will be provided a detailed briefing about the zip line equipment, procedures and safety measures.

Once you are ready for your tour the rangers will take you to the first platform from where you will fly over the rainforest by a series of zip lines. You will finish off with an ultimate 200-meter long line, 80 meters above the 7 Wells Waterfall. As you wait for your turn on each platform, you will be informed about the local flora and wildlife.

This will undoubtedly be a memorable tour!

4-Hour Jet Ski Tour Dayang Bunting 8 Islands, Langkawi

If you are ready for an even bigger adrenaline rush, you should book this 4-Hour Jet Ski Tour Dayang Bunting 8 Islands tour. You get to spend 4 hours on a jet ski where you can explore the eight beautiful islands of Dayang Bunting. Jet skiing is so much fun and we are confident that you will find this a very entertaining way to explore the islands. After a short tutorial of the Jet Ski, you will be free to sail across the surface of the calm waters at your own pace.

One of the eight islands is home to an active monkey population. You will get the chance to see these sweet animals while they are playing among the trees as you approach them. Then you will float along as you discover the island's freshwater lake. This is the largest in Malaysia. It is named “Pregnant Maiden Lake” and got the name because of the outline of hills and rocky lands, which looks like the shape of a pregnant maiden lying on her back. You even get to swim in its freshwater, which according to legend improves fertility.

Throughout the 4 hours, you will have the possibility to take part in a broad variety of activities. You can choose to leave your jet skis and trek through the overflowing jungle, or get in a kayak to further discover the waters surrounding the island. Whatever you decide, you will be amazed by the stunning scenery that surrounds you.

Langkawi: Island Hopping Tour

Now that you are visiting this gorgeous island of Langkawi, why not go and explore even more wonderful and beautiful islands nearby?

On this Island Hopping Tour from Langkawi, you will be surprised by the beauty of the uninhabited islands of the Langkawi archipelago. You will see eagles, peacocks, and monkeys, all in their natural environments. The tour will also allow you to relax on the charming Beras Basah beach under a palm tree.

Start your tour from early morning between 8.30 am and 9:00 am where your guide will pick you up. Then you will be heading towards the Langkawi harbor. From here, you will travel to Pulau Dayang Bunting, which is the first island on your itinerary. Along the way, you will make small stops to feed Langkawi’s famous eagles. The eagles will most likely, dive wonderfully into the water to regain pieces of chicken that your captain chucks off the side of the boat.

After approximately 20 minutes, you will arrive at the amazing paradise of Pulau Dayang Bunting. This island is known for its large freshwater lake that is surrounded by mountains from all sides. If you wish, you can rent some paddle-boats or snorkel equipment for further exploration in the water. You can also choose to just have a comfortable dip in the lake. The choice is yours!

After you have had some time to search the area you will be heading back to the boat. The next stop will be Pulau Singa Besar. This is one of the more untouched islands in the Langkawi archipelago. If you look closely, you might even get to see freely roaming peacocks, monkeys, and old lizards as you wander the green beach.

Before your tour ends, you will make one final stop. This will be at Pulau Beras Basah, which is a tiny island. The island is famous for its soft sand beach, palm trees, and crystal clear waters. You get one hour of free time, where you can relax on the sand or wander down the pier for a better view of the tropical sea. Then you will go back to the boat and sail back to Langkawi. Once you reach the harbor, a chauffeur will bring you back to your hotel.

Langkawi: 3-Hour Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Drinks

Another way to enjoy the beautiful nature around the island of Langkawi is on a 3-Hour Sunset Cruise tour including both dinner and drinks.

On this tour, you will be able to enjoy an evening watching a sunset on-board a romantic dinner cruise. You will be served a BBQ dinner and get unlimited drinks with your travel companion(s) while enjoying breathtaking views.

You will be picked up from your hotel or you can meet at the dock where the boat departs at 5 pm. Here you will board the incredible cruise ship and appreciate unlimited cocktails and beer from the bar. If you want to jump into the warm waters of Langkawi, there will be a special swimming net thrown into the water. This will feel like a saltwater Jacuzzi. While you enjoy the swim, a BBQ dinner will be prepared on board and served around 6.30 pm.

Once full, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful views of using the dance floor that will open up around 7.15 pm.

This is a great opportunity to capture fantastic photos and discover the island from a different perspective.

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